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JOB POST: Chief Scent Officer (CSO) Wanted

Job Title: Chief Scent Officer (CSO) at JustStank

Location: In a room filled with the aromatic glory of JustStank scents.

About Us: JustStank is not your average air freshener company. We're on a mission to scent-ify the world with masculinity and fresh aromas that make you go, "Oh, that's what manliness smells like!" From the rugged pine forests to the leather-clad motorcycle rides, we're all about transforming spaces with scents that exude adventure, confidence, and a whole lot of swagger.

Job Description: Are you the nose of the party? Does your superpower involve detecting even the faintest whiff of manliness in the air? If so, you might just be the Chief Scent Officer (CSO) we've been waiting for. We need someone who can channel their inner scent maestro to concoct fragrances that'll make testosterone itself do a little victory dance.


  1. Scent Symphony Maestro: Lead the creation of unique and unforgettable scents that embody masculinity.

  2. Scent Sleuthing: Embark on epic scent-seeking adventures to the wildest corners of the earth (or your local supermarket) in search of the most awe-inspiring scent inspirations.

  3. Sniffing Workshops: Host workshops where you'll school our team on the fine art of scent sniffing, complete with dramatic flair and some "Nose-tion" to guide them.

  4. Smell-O-Vision: Develop revolutionary Smell-O-Vision technology to make online shoppers experience your scents right through their screens. Elon Musk, your heart out.

  5. Scent-tific Experiments: Embrace your inner mad scientist to explore new scent frontiers, whether it's bacon-scented man caves or coffee-scented boardrooms.


  • A nose that can detect masculinity from miles away (or at least across the room).
  • Masterful scent-scaping skills that can turn any space into a rugged adventure.
  • A PhD in Smell-ology (not an actual degree, but we appreciate puns).
  • The ability to use scent puns in everyday conversation without apology.
  • Fearless explorer attitude - you'll need to chase scent trails like a bloodhound on a mission.


  • A never-ending supply of JustStank air fresheners to keep your nose in top form.
  • Access to our top-secret scent lab where all your scent-sational dreams come true.
  • Flexible scent-sniffing hours - because a nose never takes a break.
  • Occasional team-building adventures in the great outdoors to keep your nostrils sharp.
  • The chance to become a scent legend and leave your aromatic mark on the world.

How to Apply: Got a nose for adventure and the aromatic prowess of a scent wizard? Send us your most creative scent-related pun (extra points for wit and wordplay) along with your olfactory resume. We'll be waiting, nose in the air, for the scent-sational candidate to join our JustStank family!

Disclaimer: This job description is all in good humor and does not reflect an actual job posting.

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